Brilliant Solution, Built Out of Frustration

About Us & Background

The LandingPageExpress (LPE) for Zoom Team consists of digital marketers who regularly host popular webinars on technology, marketing, data security and more and had tried all the major webinar platforms including WebinarJam, EasyWebinar, WebinarNinja, GoToWebinar, WebEx and while many of them had pretty sign up / landing pages and cool bells and whistles to make their events interactive, we experienced performance issues with all of them. 

Once you have a few disasters &/or cancellations of your webinars due to technical issues (especially as a person trying to sell/preach technology), it is pretty embarrassing and lead to us cancelling each solution.  

We would then try another webinar solution that would swear their product was awesome and it wouldn’t have any performance issues.  And then, guess what it would have the exact same issues as the last one…..

Why We Built LPE for Zoom

We knew Zoom was a rock solid web conferencing solution (ie no more embarrassing disasters or cancellations), but that it is pretty bare bones as a webinar solution.

But its biggest weakness is the sign up / landing pages for each Zoom webinar event (plain white background, fixed space for a logo and event image and that’s it) and after using the prior competitor programs, this was a big let down. 

After speaking with Zoom, they confirmed there was nothing you could do to improve this.

So that’s when our team got to work in building the LPE for Zoom is a custom WordPress Plugin that allows you to create beautiful looking and customizable sign up / landing pages for any Zoom Webinar event in seconds.

You will see a major improvement in your Zoom Webinar event sign ups right away once you start using LPE for Zoom!